At the North Carolina State Veteran’s Home in Black Mountain, NC.

About Amy

Amy Evans is a resident of Black Mountain, North Carolina.  She is a mother, grandmother and is pro-business: passionate about creating and maintaining small businesses.  She supports women-owned businesses and believes less government interference will create more jobs and lower taxes in Western North Carolina… assuring a prosperous future for her constituents, her children, and grandchildren.

She is a fiscal and social conservative, a constitutional Republican—one who supports small government, school choice, closed borders and the 2nd Amendment in its entirety.  She is running for State Representative in NC House District 115 and supports the current President’s initiatives for revitalizing our economy, tax reform, and border wall enforcement.

Join the Movement

I am running for North Carolina House District 115 to fire Incumbent Democrat John Ager and to make sure our mountain values have a voice in Raleigh. Citizens across our county need a strong representative who will fight for them and stand up to those who oppose free capitalistic markets and fiscally conservative business practices.

I vow to work hard in Raleigh to bring good jobs back to Western North Carolina and to help create a better business climate – especially for those struggling rural regions that need it the most. I will stand with our Law Enforcement, Veterans, and blue-collar workers to ensure less government regulation and lower, corporate taxes. I will never back down from my conservatives principles of fighting for educational opportunities for our youth, defending the Second Amendment, and protecting Life.

I’m running to fight for you.

Amy Evans

Republican Candidate NC House 115