Amy Evans is a resident of Black Mountain, North Carolina.  She is a mother, grandmother and is pro-business:  passionate about creating and maintaining small businesses.  She supports women-owned businesses and believes less government interference will create more jobs and lower taxes in Western North Carolina… assuring a prosperous future for her constituents, her children, and grandchildren.  She is a fiscal and social conservative, a constitutional Republican—one who supports small government, school choice, closed borders and the 2nd Amendment in its entirety.  She is running for State Representative in the NC House #115 District and supports the current President’s initiatives for revitalizing our economy, tax reform, and border wall enforcement.

Upon completion of her formal education, Ms. Evans joined the United States Coast Guard as a professional oboist. During her tenure in the Coast Guard, in a dual role, Ms. Evans was Executive Administrator for the Board of Directors, U.S. Coast Guard Academy Foundation, co-chaired by the 12 Coast Guard Admirals and two prominent businessmen from each state.  In this role, her primary duties were to support the President of the Board, G. William Miller, Secretary of the Treasury, President Carter’s administration.  She was one of the first women to receive an appointment to the United States Coast Guard Academy.

While serving her country, Amy met and married Lt. Scot Evans.  For the next sixteen years, she was an ambassador with her husband and two children, representing the U.S. Coast Guard, living in foreign locales such as Sylt [Germany], Yokido [Japan] and, domestically, New Orleans, Cape Cod and Maui.  The Evans’ were relocated several times and underwent professional cultural and foreign language training in Washington, D.C. prior to each international assignment.

Due to an untimely tragedy, Ms. Evans re-entered the workplace in 1993 as “head of house”.  Soon her career took off within the electronics division of DuPont de Nemours:  Berg Electronics, Inc.  For the next seven years, she was promoted and advanced to the most senior administrative position within the company—attaché to the CEO and President. She traveled internationally with the senior management team and resided in Paris, France, and other global cities.  In late 1999, Ms. Evans supported the CEO of Berg Electronics and the incumbent French CEO during an unfriendly takeover (merger/acquisition).  Ultimately, the company was sold, and Ms. Evans has since then held several similar positions supporting global, high-net-worth clients.

Amy is a music enthusiast with a penchant for studying law and avian habitats.  She speaks several foreign languages [French & German] and holds several leadership roles in Black Mountain/Asheville civic charities and organizations. Some of her recent professional roles were with the following companies:

Tanner LLC, Black Mountain, NC (2014-2017) Business Store Manager

Discover Financial Services, Chicago, IL  (2011-2013) Assistant to  the President

Société Generale [Newedge], Chicago, IL (2008) Chief of Staff, Board of Directors

Baxter Healthcare International,  Deerfield, IL  (2006) Corporate Assistant to the President

UNext LLC, Deerfield, IL  (2004)  Personal Executive Assistant to the Chairman, Owner

Nalco Chemical Company, Naperville, IL   (2001)  Attache to the CEO

DuPont de Nemours/ The Framatome Group, Inc., Paris France and St. Louis, MO (1993) Chief of Staff

9 White Pine Dr. Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA, 28711 Tel:  828.421.9902